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Deluxe Cleaning Services

Deluxe Cleaning Services, Inc., provides on time personally designed executive cleaning services for the elite client. Working within your budget and your schedule we are flexible enough to customize a cleaning program for you. We are a private company specializing in optimal cleaning and customer care.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide exceptional executive cleaning service by providing a personalized and edited service plan that suits the client’s budgetary needs. We are committed to personalizing your requests while giving you the essential process needed to keep your space looking “showroom ready” all the time.

Executive Services:

• Vacant clean-up
• Home/residence
• Maid Services
• Laundry services (inquire)
• Hand floor washing
• Window and blind cleaning

Executive Cleaning:

• Showrooms
• Offices
• Private rooms
• Commercial spaces

5 Star Catering:

• Event Planing
• Food Prep
• Bar Tending
• After Party Cleanup
• Decorating

Our Vision

Our vision is to provide executive services to private clients, ensuring the bandwidth allotted during our visit, and to sustain trust with our important customers each and every time. Our process involves expertise evaluation and calculated processes that are an integral part of our cleaning assessment. We always edit our cleaning service to provide comfort to our clients in order to move forward with a trust worthy business relationship.

The Deluxe Cleaning Services brand:
  • Our personalize service creates a collaborative relationship with our client for constant improvement and care.
  • We design a flexible cleaning program to accommodate management requirements and change
  • We understand corporate image and tailor our services to advance our clients mission
  • We provide high quality service as a standard and remain current in our industry
  • We commit to industry regulations and are insured and bonded
Our Prices

We have two sets of pricing lists; one for residential, which are distinguished based on your specific needs, we charge an hourly rate with a minimum of 2 hours per job. There is also a service fee to ensure the time allotted for your cleaning. This will allow the flexibility to accommodate your special requests. Also, our client’s have the option to utilize our professional cleaning supplies and equipment or provide their own.

For our commercial pricing we use space parameters and task list for assessment. This will enable us to provide a reasonable price to fit your needs and to maintain your budget. We also provide our client’s the option to fashion their specific requests to best suit the quality and preservation of their fine merchandise.


Our company’s management has over 15 years in the industry. They are dedicated, competent, and innovative professionals who are constantly improving the art and science of cleaning. They remain relevant in the commercial cleaning industry and strive for excellence and personalized services.

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